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Due to the updated NJ covid guidelines as directed by Gov Murphy, effective Friday May 28th 2021 we will no longer require registration for our services, meetings and events.


Social distance and mask restrictions have been lifted. If you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a face mask or face shield , please feel free to do so. We will also be continuing our sanitizing protocol after every service, meeting and event. 

At this time, we are not bringing back nursery, pre-K or kids church yet, but all children are welcome in our services. Stay tuned for a big plan we will be announcing about our kids church in June. 


We encourage you to read the updated guidelines for yourself by clicking the following link from the State of New Jersey's official website:

Frequently Asked Questions
How will Oasis monitor who is vaccinated or not? The official statement made on the NJ website states that all fully vaccinated people no longer need to social distance and wear masks indoors. It also states that those who aren't vaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue to follow social distancing guidelines. While the statement is clear, it also shows that non vaccinated people are strongly encouraged but not mandated to comply. Therefore, we are asking all attendees to read the statements from the website and honestly abide by your interpretation of the written statement. As a church, we are not permitted to ask personal health questions and allow entrance based on those responses.
Can I still continue to wear a mask if I don't feel comfortable without one?Absolutely. We want everyone who is entering our building to feel comfortable to worship. If that means still wearing a mask, than so be it. We refuse to judge or make anyone feel uncomfortable based of their personal health choices.
What hasn't kids church opened yet? Although many mandates have been lifted, many social distancing guidelines are still in place for children ages 12 and under that our current set up can not accommodate. Therefore, In our effort to comply, we are still not having kids programs. However, we are hard at work to come up with an appropriate program that allows our children to gather together and still be compliant. Please stay tuned for some exciting news on this topic in the coming weeks.
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