As in any large organization, it takes a great team to be able to serve with excellence week after week. Below is a quick bio of our amazing leaders who make each week possible.

Pastor Fred McCarthy

Lead Pastor

Pastor Fred McCarthy is a third generation Pastor who has been serving as Lead Pastor at Oasis Christian Centre for over 30 years. Pastor Fred took over as lead Pastor at the young age of 21 when his father Pastor Paul McCarthy, who was Pastor at that time, passed away of a sudden heart attack. Through his years in ministry, Pastor Fred has effected countless lives through his inspiring teachings. He is a visionary who cares for the growth and hearts of his community and the world. He has a passion for mission work and throughout the years have been involved with multiple overseas missions and outreaches. Pastor Fred vision for Oasis Christian Centre is that we remain a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-generational church. Our congregation reflects this vision to this day. Pastor Fred has 2 amazing children. We also honor his mother Maxine "Mama Max" McCarthy as the matriarch of Oasis Christian Centre.

Pastor Chris Gioello

Executive Pastor/Youth

Pastor Chris (PC) and his wife Jodi came to Oasis as an engaged couple in the year 2000. Feeling connected and called they made Oasis their church home for the past 20 years. PC began following Jesus after attending Times Square Church NYC, where soon after he was very involved in ministering at Christian Pentecostal Church within their youth ministry. His wife Jodi had a call to sing since she was a young girl and God had brought both of their passions and gifts to work together at Oasis. Pastor Chris & Jodi Founded Takeover youth ministry as a Wednesday night Bible study with 3 kids in attendance but they set up and prayed over 30 chairs each week. In the past two decades various youth events were born including "The Pursuit" which has had regional influence on teens in NJ. PC loves to build and empower leaders and see others succeed in their calling. He serves as our Executive Pastor now focusing on the health of our church and the development of leaders and teams. PC has 3 awesome children and is training them in the word of God and Jedi skills. PC loves Star Wars, fishing and The NY Yankees. 

Pastor Peter Hegel

Pastoral Care Pastor

Pastor Peter and his wife Audrey have been attending Oasis for the past 18 years. His compassionate heart and intimate ministering style has led him in a calling that fits his personality, Pastoral Care Pastor. Quoting Pastor Peter, "For as long as I can remember, God has placed a love in my heart for all people but specifically hurting people. Leading Pastoral Care allows me to minister to people, sharing God's love and giving them hope." Pastor Peter has spent countless hours visiting the sick, praying for those in need and following up on everyone that he ministers to. Along with his Pastoral care duties, he also leads our intercessory prayer team. He and Audrey have been married for 40+ years with 4 beautiful children and 12 awesome grandchildren. He considers Audrey his "Rock" for her endless devotion and support to which he wouldn't be able to do what he does without her. He loves the beach, swimming, taking walks and biking.

Pastor Paul Scala

Discipleship Pastor/Men's Ministry/Small Groups

Pastor Paul Scala and his wife Erica, graduated from Rhema Bible College in 1999. They started attending Oasis Christian Centre shortly after. During his 20 years at Oasis, Pastor Paul has lead and helped create many ministries such as F.M.O, Life Classes and Circles. He has also helped to pioneer Celebrate Recovery, Missions Trips and our Guest Experience Team. He has a passion to raise leaders and to help place people in their proper calling. Erica serves faithfully on our worship team and women ministry. She has a passion to see women walking in the calling that God has put on their lives. Pastor Paul and Erica have 4 beautiful children and he has a passion for God's Word, God's people and God's team (The New York Yankees). Pastor Paul is also a "Techie" who loves computers and gadgets.

Melisa Vaccaro

Worship Leader

Melisa Vaccaro has been involved in church ministry for most of her life. She started attending Oasis in the early part of 2000 with her husband, Roy. Together they spent seven years leading our Kids Church ministry. She was ten years old when she started playing the flute as part of a Sunday worship team and has served as a flutist, keyboardist, vocalist, choir director, and musical drama director throughout her years in ministry.  Today she serves as our Worship leader at Oasis. Melisa and Roy have three children and both of her teens are actively serving at Oasis in our children’s ministry. When not brainstorming or talking about worship ministry, she is a foodie and loves to cook. Quoting Melisa, "I absolutely love being surrounded by a talented and dedicated team at Oasis."

Team Leaders

Althea Llewellyn


Althea and her husband Wilfred came to Oasis in 1994. Althea has a passion for our nursery aged children at Oasis. Her tender heart and motherly care puts any child at ease when in her presence. She has been in charge of our nursery department for over a decade and has built a caring, God centered environment that the children enjoy and makes parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are in the best care. Althea and Wilfred have a daughter together. 

Rachel Chabala


Rachel and her husband Bryan have been attending Oasis since 2012. For the past 6 years, she has been serving in our Pre-K department. Rachel has a passion to teach our Pre-K students and see God's love shape their lives. Quoting Rachel, "I love seeing our Pre-K students grow in their relationships with Christ. Having the opportunity to be part of this journey with them is such an honor. In her free time Rachel enjoys Mountain biking and jogging with her Boston Terrier.

Jillian Mecke

Elementary Kids Church

Jillian have been attending Oasis since 2012 with her husband Andy. Jillian brings her joy of teaching God's word to our elementary age students in kids church at Oasis. Quoting Jillian, "I love leading kids church because I never had a program like this available to me when I was a kid. I think it is so amazing that at such a young age, we can incorporate the truth and Jesus' love for them with games, discussions, and having fun. It may also be because I am still a kid at heart!" Together Andy and Jillian have 3 beautiful children. Jillian enjoys playing volleyball and watching movies with her children. Andy is a big sports fan who happily watched his Philadelphia Eagles win their first ever Super Bowl in 2018. 

Kim Lescano

Young Adults (The Collective)

Kim has been attending Oasis since 2007 and she is a product of our Takeover Youth group. Currently she leads our young adult group called, "The Collective". Throughout her 11 years at Oasis she has been a part of the Takeover and Sunday Worship teams. She is a talented guitarist who has a passion for music. Quoting Kim, "I love leading the young adults ministry because I love to see young people have a place where we can create community and to see them grow in their relationship with God." Kim loves playing guitar, eating food and hanging out with friends.

Loni Arce

Women's Ministry

Loni and her husband Bill have been attending Oasis since 1999. She has over 50 years of ministry experience serving in areas such as Nursery, Children's Ministry, Missionettes and small groups. At Oasis, she is our Women's Ministry Leader and has been serving the ladies of Oasis for over a decade. Loni is an amazing teacher and loves to witness God's transformation power in the lives of women as they discover who they are in Christ. Bill has also been in ministry many years serving the men at Oasis. Together over their 47 years of marriage, they have 4 beautiful children an 18 grandchildren! Loni loves home renovations, and serving "burnt offerings to her grandchildren" aka "Mema's cookies.

Jimmy Trowbridge

Head Usher/Celebrate Recovery

Jimmy started attending Oasis Christian Centre in 2001. During his time at Oasis, he has gone from an observer to a passionate leader. He started out in ministry by filling in as temporary usher.  After time, he became more dedicated as God moved in his life and had a strong desire to do more. Today Jimmy serves as our head usher and is an intricate part of our men's ministry. Jimmy's passion however, is seeing those who struggle with addiction come to healing through Christ. Currently he leads our Celebrate Recovery ministry for those who are dealing with hurts, hang ups and habits. Jimmy is  married 29 year to his beautiful wife Lori and together they have 2 beautiful daughters.

Mary Collins

Guest Experience Team

Mary started attending Oasis in 2004. For over a decade, Mary has served in many different areas of ministry. She serves in kids church for 7 years and our SLAM department for 10 years. In 2015 Mary took the lead in a new department called the Guest Experience Team. Since taking over in this department, she has helped transform the way we minister to our Oasis family and guests. She has a passion for people and has top notch organizational skills. Mary and her husband Steve have 4 children and 9 grandchildren...soon to be 10! Mary enjoys baking, organizing parties and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Wilfred Llewellyn


Wilfred first came to Oasis with his wife Althea in 1994. Within 2 years he was plugged into ministry and continued ever since. Wilfred is considered "the iron man" of Oasis for his ability to cover a variety of areas at Oasis at one time. He has been involved in the parking team, ushering, building maintenance, project management and much more. Currently he is in charge of our campus and security. Wilfred is a dedicated and hard worker who has invested countless hours in caring for our church. Throughout his 2 decades at Oasis he has not been afraid to get his hands dirty to perform the tasks ahead of him, even the undesirable ones. Wilfred and Althea have 1 child who has grown up thru the various ministries at the church. In his free time, Wilfred loves reading and home improvements.

Peter Lescano

Stage and Sound

Peter has been attending Oasis for the past 12 years. He serves as our Stage and Sound Director. Peter has a passion for worship and uses his technical gifts to create a beautiful sounding worship experience. Quoting Peter, "Faith comes from hearing the spoken word and song. Audio is our tool to serve God’s people." Peter has been married to his beautiful wife Ana since they were 21 years old. Together they have 3 wonderful girls, all serving at Oasis. Peter enjoys strength training and target practice in his free time.

Jonathan Quevedo

Video Production

Jonathan has been attending Oasis since 2003. He has a passion to extend God's Word to those who aren't able to physically attend Oasis by bringing Oasis to them. Currently Jonathan leads our video production team which records and streams weekly services at Oasis that can be viewed all around the world. Jonathan is a doctor by trade who has taken his gift across the world, providing help to the sick during medical mission trips to Honduras. Jonathan is married to his wife Ingrid who is an intricate part of our Guest Experience Team. Together they work to spread the love of Christ to those they meet.

Michael Hartz

Visual Arts and Media Director

Michael Hartz and his wife, Janelle, first became involved with OCC through their relationship with Pastor Chris. They began serving periodically with Takeover Youth and their involvement has grown from there. Michael served in youth ministry for close to a decade and has contributed to multiple media teams for the local church. At OCC, he works with the SLAM (sound, lights, and media) team to bring out the creative expression in your Sunday service. In his downtime, he enjoys cooking and watching (what he refers to as) the true ball club of NY, the Metropolitans--#LGM!

Larry and Barbara Pereira


Larry and Barbara Pereira have been attending Oasis Christian Centre for 12 years. Larry attended Christ For The Nations and graduated in 1994. Larry has been serving in our office for many years. Barbara currently serves on our worship team. Larry and Barbara have a passion for missions both domestically and internationally. They have lead missionary teams to various parts of the world, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently they are our Missions Coordinators, organizing annual mission trips for Oasis. Together they have 4 amazing children.

John Higgins


John has been attending Oasis for 10 years. He leads our parking team which is what we consider the "first impression" at Oasis. Rain or shine, high temperatures or extreme cold, John and his team help direct you and your family to a parking spot with a smile. Quoting John, "I love leading our parking team because I love helping people get in and out of church safely and making a good first impression for them before they go inside. My passion is to make people feel comfortable being here." John has 2 beautiful children and loves jogging and going to baseball games. 

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