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And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15

At Oasis, we are a very mission minded church. Whether it be spreading the good news of Jesus Christ over seas or on America soil, we have a heart for missions. Listed on this page, are just a few places where we have had the privilege to either put our hands to the plow or have helped financially meet the needs of those whom we partner with to spread the gospel around the world.

Pastor Miguel Montero Romero and Iraida Reyes Ramirez

Placetas, Cuba

We had the great privilege of connecting with Pastor Miguel and his family just as they were getting ready to build a church in Placetas, Cuba. Pastor Fred and Pastor Peter were able to take part first hand in the building process. Through our generous congregation at Oasis, we were able to send much needed items such as sewing machines, clothing, computers, tools and more. We also were able to support them financially with donations from our Oasis family. We continually support Pastor Miguel and his efforts through prayers and donations as they minister in Placetas, Cuba

Gospel India Ministries- Project Anupama

Various Regions in India

The mission of GIM is to glorify God through responsible evangelism of the unreached and the youth. Presenting each person with the work and teachings of Jesus Christ and to disciple them into the Church. Together in the spirit of love, through prayer, they are planning and systematic implementation programs & projects. One of which is Project Anupama.

Sensing the need and welfare of 'Missionary Kids', a strategy has been developed under "Project Anupama" to start hostels for missionary kids. This project will make available to gospel missionaries a place for their children to receive care, education as well as the vision of impacting nations for Christ. This helps missionaries in India to concentrate more of the Lord's work without any insecurities that their families are overburdened. We support GIM in their efforts.

Pastor Samuel Sharma


2017 Oasis Missionary Trip

Dominican Republic

We were able to assist Pastor Samuel Sharma with his ministry in India by sending laptops, video projection equipment and other ministry items that would help him minister even more effectively. God is doing amazing things in India and we are honored that we can be a part of it.


In July of 2017, we as a church sent 45 of our own missionaries to the Dominican Republic to share the love of Jesus. During that trip we were able to visit multiple towns bringing music, fun and the life changing message of the gospel. We saw hundreds of men, women and children come to Christ as their Lord and Savior. We were able to send over 8 barrels filled with medical supplies, clothes, sports equipment, tools and personal hygiene items. We also sent financial support to a few churches that we visited. Some of the things of note that we accomplished was:

  • We built a retaining wall for a church that we visited.

  • We ministered at a special needs hospital and 2 orphanages.

  • We spread the message of hope to a very poverty stricken community with a high drug use rate

  • We ran multiple children bible camps, baseball camps, and medical clinics

  • We provided professional hair styling for the women


2018 Oasis Missionary Trip

Kenya, Africa

In July 2018, we sent 25 of our own missionaries to Kenya, Africa.  They brought the message of hope & deliverance through our savior Jesus Christ. Our missions team visited multiple Kenyan villages and schools, teaching and preaching the word of God. As we entered into an atmosphere of praise and worship, we began to see the power of God touch the lives of the Kenyan people. We orchestrated a married couples weekend and we began to see marriages change through the power of God. God is doing an amazing work in Kenya Africa and we were blessed to be a part of it.

2020 Oasis Missionary Trip

Kenya, Africa

In July of 2020, we will be returning to Kenya Africa with the hopes of reaching more people for Christ Jesus our Savior.

Other Partnerships

We have also partnered with various outreaches such as Samaritans purse as we sent aid to those devastated by hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico. We have partnered with "All About Orphans" as well as local out reaches to feed and clothe the homeless in our area. As a church we value the importance of ministering beyond our 4 walls and throughout the world.

For information on how you can support missions at Oasis, please call our offices at 732-499-0040.

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