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What are Circles?

Circles are our small/home group studies at Oasis. With multiple weekly services, it becomes a challenge to stay connected with others. Through Circles, we can build relationships while growing together spiritually. Oh, the coffee and dessert doesn't hurt either!

Who qualifies to be part of a Circle?

Circles is meant for adults from the ages of 18 years and older. Whether you are married, engaged or single, there is a circle for everyone. 

How can I lead or host a Circle?

If you are interested in hosting or leading a Circle, you may fill out the application form here. Please keep in mind that all applicants are subject to an interview and may not qualify as a candidate right away.

Is there childcare at Circles?

Some Circles will provide childcare. However, those who offer childcare may have certain age restrictions. Please read each Circle profile to find out what services they offer.

How many members are in each Circle?

Each Circle will have up to 14 members. We want to make sure that each group maintains a comfortable, intimate environment where all members would be able to connect with each other. In order to accomplish this, we must limit each group to 14 members. 

How can I join a Circle?

Joining a Circle is as easy as 1 click. Simply click the button below or use the group finder in our Oasis App to find a Circle that fits your needs.

Why do groups keep disappearing off the group finder?

Whenever a Circle reaches it's max and closes, it is hidden from the group finder. The only Circles that you will see are the ones with remaining spots opened. There are 2 semesters of Circles each year, each lasting 6 months. There is a Spring and Fall semester. If you missed out on the Spring semester, don't worry, they will reopen for new sign ups in the fall and vice versa.

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