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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Encounter? The Encounter is the name of our Men's Weekend Retreat. During this time our men will gather to build each other up relationally while we get built up spiritually as well.
When, Where is the Encounter 2023? This year's Encounter will be held on the weekend of May 19 (10am) - 21st (12pm) at Camp Lebanon, 79 Blossom Hill Rd, Lebanon, NJ 
What is the cost? The cost for this trip is $165 per man 18 years and older. This includes 6 meals, drinks and 2 nights lodging.
Is travel included? Travel is not included as every man is responsible to provide a way there and home. We may be able to arrange car pool if someone doesn't have access to a vehicle
What is this year's theme? This year's theme will be will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!
What do I need to bring? We have attached a check list of recommended items that you will be responsible for. Please look over the attached pdf so you can be prepared.
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