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Frequently Asked Questions
When does registration open each week? Registration will open each Sunday morning, approximately 1 hour after each service ends, for the following week. Example: If the 10am Sunday service ends at 11am, Registration for the following week's 10am service will open around 12:00PM. (approx. 1 hour after service ends.)
How does the waitlist work? If no tickets are available, you will be able to click the waitlist button to be added to a waitlist. You must reserve a waitlist ticket for each family member that is planning to attend. If a spot becomes available due to a cancelation, you will be sent an email to claim your ticket. You must claim your ticket within 24 hours. If you do not, the system will automatically move to the next person on the waitlist.
What is the Staff/Volunteer ticket for? This ticket type is reserved for those who are serving at Oasis for that particular Sunday service. It is not for all who are Oasis staff and volunteers. Only for those who are serving on that Sunday service, for that day only.
What safety precautions is Oasis taking during this pandemic? It starts by cleansing our lobby, sanctuary and restrooms before and after each service. Wiping down all areas of traffic and spraying all areas with our industrial electrostatic machine helps us to eliminate germs on surfaces, while our HEPA filters are purifying the air. All attendees and staff are to wear masks throughout the service and antibacterial gel can be found throughout our facility. Our mask policy is that we wear masks coming in, walking around the building, during worship and while leaving the building. Attendees are seated in socially distanced rows, spread at least 6 ft apart with a 6ft space in between families. The only time an attendee may lower their mask for a brief amount of time is during the Pastor's message. We encourage you to keep the masks on at all times, but if it is necessary to lower briefly, this would be the best time.
Are you having kids church or nursery during Sunday services? At this time, due to restrictions, we will not have our children's programs on Sunday morning. However, we do welcome all families to join us in the sanctuary for service.
What happens if I reserve a ticket but afterward I can not attend? If you need to cancel 1 or all of your tickets, simply open the Eventbrite email that was sent to you with your ticket information, scroll down to "Order Summary", then click on "view and manage tickets". From there, select "cancel my order". At that point you may select the tickets that you wish to cancel. Please be courteous towards those who may be on the waiting list. If you cannot attend and you cancel your tickets, someone may be waiting to fill your spot. 
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