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Shift Conference Breakout Sessions

Breakout I

Now We’re Cookin’: Spiced Up, Creative Communication That Leaves People Wanting Seconds

A great chef knows just the right amount of ingredients to add and what flavors to combine to make a truly satisfying meal. Communication isn’t much different. With the right ingredients and proper preparation, you can leave people satisfied and coming back for more!


Own It: Motivating Team Members From Interest to Investment

Intention gives your actions power. Understanding what your team members intentions are and why they want to serve will help you share what your intentions are and how you want to lead them. Great leadership knows that intention is the bridge that can take a volunteer from mere interest to a matured leader who wants to invest in God’s Kingdom.


Passion, Power, Presence: Living in the Throne Room When Outside of the Sanctuary

When you have a passion for worship, more often than not it’s easy to enter in God’s presence. But when the service is over and we leave the sanctuary, we are flooded with distractions and noise. Thankfully, God has an open door policy on His Throne room no matter where we are. We will discuss the keys necessary to shift our thinking and start to live each moment surrounded by God’s power and presence.


The War Room: Basic Training for the Prayer Warrior

Any soldier knows that without training and strategy, there can be no victory. Developing a battle plan of powerful, effective prayers will impact every aspect of our lives--marriages, schooling, careers, parenting, finances, relationships, and everything else in between. The session will equip you to use prayer as a weapon of warfare in your daily life.


Small Groups, Big Impact: Key Ingredients to Facilitate Meaningful Discussion

Whether you are a current small group leader in WOW, FMO, Takeover, home, work, school or are thinking to become one, this is the session for you! We will discuss and explore what it takes to facilitate an effective and efficient small group. You will walk away with best practices, key tools, and resources that will help you and your group build relationships while growing spiritually.




Breakout II


Overloaded: Finding Peace in Ministry When Feeling Burnt Out and Overwhelmed

If you find yourself continually trying to catch your breath, try to catch this--THERE. IS. A. BETTER. WAY. Ministry is a marathon, not a sprint. Effective leaders recognize that the start of the race is just as important as the finish. We will discuss the tools you need to not only prevent burn out, but to find peace and remain refreshed in your ministry.


From Head to Heart: Effective Tools for Building Students Faith

Every great structure consists of pillars grounded in a solid foundation. Building a teenagers faith is no different; it requires tools, hard work, and a blueprint to create a beautiful and sound structure! Whether you are a youth leader, teacher, parent, or anyone with influence over a young person, this session will help you learn key ways to minister and influence young people.


86,400 Seconds: Taking Control Over the Ticking Clock

Riddle me this: What is more precious than gold, but cannot be bought, earned, or saved?  The answer is Time. Don’t you want to learn how to use your time more wisely? 86,400 seconds sounds like a lot of time, but is it enough to accomplish what needs to be done? With the ability to properly prioritize, you will be surprised how much you can accomplish within the limits of the ticking clock.


The Leader in the Mirror: Leading Self Before Leading Others

If you’ve ever taken a flight before, you may remember the flight attendant instructs everyone to apply their oxygen mask to themselves first before assisting others apply theirs. The same principle applies in leadership. If we expect others to follow our lead, we must first lead ourselves to exhibit the traits and habits of an effective leader.


Living What We’re Leading: Cultivating a Life of Authenticity and Integrity

As leaders in ministry, we are expected to maintain a lifestyle of integrity and authenticity. Actions speak louder than words ever will. Most people can spot a phony from a mile away. Our level of lifestyle accountability will lead our level of influence. In this session, we will ask ourselves, “Do I live how I lead?” and our answer will be “Yes.”

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