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Hello Worshippers!


We are excited to be expanding our worship family at Oasis. Our team is comprised of gifted, passionate volunteers who use their musical talents and abilities to help others know God, find hope and make a difference. We ask that you prayerfully consider your decision before committing to the audition process.This requires completing an online application, including a video demo. Then from the demos, we will select the individuals we would like to audition and interview live. The next steps would be a background check and church application which requires you to agree to our church’s Code of Ethics. We then begin a mentoring on-board training time before someone is scheduled for platform ministry.


Please read the following requirements BEFORE applying online.





  • Applications must be submitted for consideration.

  • You may apply for as many positions as you like. 



  • All vocalists, regardless of experience will first be considered for a background vocalist position. Oasis Worship Leaders are mentored and developed on the team and vocalists are promoted to worship leader on an as needed basis at the direction of the worship leadership team.

  • Minimum 1 year experience doing background harmonies (not melody) on a worship team or equivalent.

  • Must be able to hear and sing both high and low harmonies by ear, on the spot, without practice.

  • Have a great sensitivity to timing (understanding when to sing and when not to sing).



  • Minimum of 1 year experience (or equivalent) playing on a worship team or another type of band on a regular basis.

  • Must be able to play using a chord chart.

  • Must be able to play in all keys and transpose (without a transpose button on piano), or be working toward that level of skill.

  • Sensitivity to the Spirit – ability to “go with the prophetic flow" - creating while supporting the worship leader within the structure of the song.

  • Keys: Ability to play pad and keys, not classical only. Knowledge of and/or willingness to learn MIDI using Ableton, Reason, or Mainstage. 

  • Drums: Must be able to run and play well with a click track. (Please practice before auditions if you do not have extensive previous experience playing with click/metronome.)

  • Lead Guitar: Ability to play lead lines/parts and fill space creatively, not solely rhythm electric. We are looking for good gear and good tone! *Multi-effects processors are strongly discouraged

  • Bass: Good gear, good tone, ability to "lock in" with the drummer, ability to play with a pick, tasteful playing.

  • Special Instruments (Strings, Woodwinds, Etc.): Experience in and ability to play in a worship band setting. Lead lines, accent lines, fill space creatively, good tone. Sensitivity and timing.

  • Bass, Lead Guitar, and Special Instruments: Please bring your own instrument and gear.



Submission Directions:

Upload your demo to Youtube, set as "unlisted" NOT PRIVATE - if it is set as private we will not be able to view it, so please set as “unlisted," and paste your link in the application! Your application will not be considered without this link attached.


**We really prefer that these demos are not made public. Thank you for honoring our request.


  • Simple and basic in front of a computer camera is great. Please do not mix your demo or add effects to alter the raw quality. We'd like all demos to be consistent. Thank you!


  • 20 second or LESS verbal introduction with your name, where you're from, experience (i.e. how many years playing/singing in general, and also in a worship context as: main worship team, youth team, small group, leader, co-leader, worship pastor, etc.)


  • Vocalists:  One congreationally appropriate worship song  can either be energetic/setlist opener or slower/deeper.

  • Instrumentalists: One congregationally appropriate worship song that highlight your skill and instrument's parts:




  • Simple and basic, no effects or mixing – just raw vocals + guitar or keyboard accompaniment (you do not have to be the instrumentalist) or a karaoke/backing track.

  • *Hearing the vocals is our #1 priority. Singers please sing out. Instruments please play soft enough to clearly hear vocals.

  • Please feel free to worship and not just sing - be yourself & have fun! You're amazing!




  • Describe what type of keys experience you have - pad, piano or both? (Very brief, please)

  • Do you use MIDI? What programs do you use and OWN?

  • Play songs to CD turned down low in the background

  • Please choose songs that have clear piano parts and play those parts to the best of your ability while still showing us who you are as a musician. (If you choose to embellish on the part, please keep it infrequent, simple, and tasty.)



Lead Guitar:

  • Very BRIEFLY show your guitar and pedalboard/gear that you will be bringing and using. Please don't nerd out on us. ;-) 20 seconds or less! Thanks!

  • Play along with the CD turned down enough in the background so we can hear you well.

  • Please choose songs that have clear lead lines and “parts" and play those parts to the best of your ability with the gear you have.



  • Play along with tracks playing in your headphones.

  • We do not need to hear the song, just your playing.

  • Please play the parts as close to the track as possible. Feel free to add 1-2 fills that show us who you are as a musician, but please keep it tasteful.



  • Play along with a CD turned down in the background so we can hear you well.

  • Briefly describe your on-stage/musical relationship with your favorite drummer.


Special Instruments:

  • Play along/flow with a CD turned down in the background so we can hear you well.

  • Generally the time for an AUX instrument to shine is in the down moments with tasty melody lines that enhance the overall feel of the song.


Once we have received your applications and reviewed your demos, we will contact you if you are chosen to attend a live audition.


Thank you for taking the time to carefully read and consider all of the listed requirements. You are all incredibly special and we can not wait to meet you!!




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